Greetings stranger, this is my personal site. Mostly contains anything that I have added effort to and has article related to useless stuff I cared much about sometimes. I have a few pages listed on top which may contain links you wanna check out. Other than that, just enjoy the shitty website!

I rarely update the RSS feed. Better if you don’t follow it.

recently I added a music stream to my site which streams music directly from my laptop check it out if you wanna listen to some doujin music

Bash scripts

  1. animepahe
  2. anonfiles

Simply explained:

  1. fread()

Why you should:

  1. play Tales of Berseria
  2. watch Serial Experiments Lain
  3. play NieR Automata™

Other articles:

  1. Discord and Steam - An ideal example of using platforms for social engineered scams
  2. Travelling
  3. My thoughts and stance on Natalism
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