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NieR Automata ™


This is my steam review for NieR Automata. It’s an amazing game and I’m a big fan of it, I’d highly recommend you to play this game or you’ll be missing a great experience.


Personal rating: 9/10

I am a RPG fan. I LOVE RPG games but NieR Automata is just something way beyond what the RPG games ever give you. This is one of the most unique games I’ve played ever.

This game focuses on the main story. The player will play as 2B (slight spoiler: you will be able to play as other androids too) an android in a far future fighting against sentient machines that now overruns the Earth. The remaining humans escaped to the moon and developed these androids. But, during the gameplay.. the characters slowly unfolds the truth.


The gameplay is your usual hack-and-slash meta added with long range combat system. The camera and character focus will shift in multiple locations in game to make the story more dynamic. Giving it a wide focus to the story.

Another uniqueness about this game are the dialogues and side-quests. In other RPG games, people like me often skip talking to other unnecessary NPCs because they become repetitive. But Nier.. the NPCs each of them are unique to themselves. No matter how close their intentions may be to each other, each NPC feels as if they are their own characters.


The gameplay mainly focuses on the story even though it has an open world system. There are side quests of course but those are not necessary to proceed. These side quests themselves are unique and aren’t frequent fetch-this-item-and-get-rewarded. Each are like their own anecdotes, small stories to help them. Revealing their pasts or helping their present. Of course, there are some boring side-quests but we’ll put that aside. ;)

The main story itself is amazing. The plot is expressed perfectly and the game tends to change its environment with how the story proceeds. The ambient changes along with how story is perceived. At one moment of the game, it feels like everything is so cheery and nice but as you progress, it just gets darker. Not like you can break the 4th wall and think that the game is intentionally making it darker. The story, that itself just gets darker.


This game has GODLY soundtracks. It can surpass that of ANY other game. With dynamic sounds, these changes along with locations and environment. Parts of soundtracks being played upon doing one action and other parts being played in other ways. The game even has a built-in sound converter to change how the soundtracks will sound like. Keiichi Okabe really outdone this. The choir, eerie, happy, epic, thrilling soundtracks just fits with the environment so well.

Overall, this game is a masterpiece. If I could, I would rate it for 10/10 if it weren’t for the bad port to PC. But all that got fixed just using two mods (FAR and NAIOM mod). I really recommend you to play this game. It will be an experience you never had before.

Tips before playing the game:

If you are playing it on PC, I would highly recommend you to download and use the FAR (FixAutomataResolution) mod. This fixes a lot of resolution related bugs which otherwise would be very annoying to deal with. I would also recommend you to play this game with a controller because the game port to PC is really bad with controls. The movement on mouse feels very bad especially due to invert movement (idk if that’s the correct term for it??) which basically moves slower if you swipe faster and moves faster if you swipe slower. This is a big problem but it smoothens the gameplay. Yet, this still isn’t worth it. So that’s why I would recommend using NAIOM mod, it fixes problems and uneasyness when playing with a mouse.

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